Grow Your Own Way: Feature in Tulsa People

The Wellness Pharm has recently been featured in Tulsa People, Tulsa’s Award Winning City Magazine. You can check our the article here!

“Grow your own way: Local dispensary cultivates cannabis to cut costs”

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“The biggest advantage is Wellness Pharm, 1414 E. Third St., has a high degree of familiarity with their product. Cannabis contains a complex array of compounds known to cause different effects, with proportions varying between strains. While all cannabis sold in Oklahoma legally must be tested in a lab, OMMA regulations for these testing facilities do not yet exist, meaning that the quality of testing can vary, and consumers can’t always be sure what strain they’re really getting.

Shared ownership with their grower allows Wellness Pharm to have greater knowledge about their product, and help their clients find the right strain. ‘We’re all still learning,’ says Wellness Pharm Manager Dani Felty. ‘I mean there’s so much information, and that’s really how people can fine-tune and find what really works for them. But it takes work.'”

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For more information, browse the rest of our website, or visit us at 1414 E. 3rd St. Tulsa, Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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